Sunday, December 14, 2014

lelucon bahasa inggris Mr. Knott and Mr Watt

Teman-teman saya ingin berbagi lelucon bahasa inggris. Lelucon ini supaya mengasah kemampuan bahasa inggris kita. Nah dari pada bengong tak karuan, mending baca cerpen lucu bahasa inggris. 
Ingat!! jangan tertawa lebar-lebar.

Mr.Knott is a lecturer at a university. One day, he was very tired and went home with the aches in all of his body. When he arrived home, his phone rang and he picked it up right away.

  • Hallo, who’s there?
  • Watt
  • What is your name?
  • Watt
  • I asked!! What’s your name?!!
  • Watt is my name. Are you john?
  • No, I knott
  • Could you tell your name?
  • Will Knott

Both men are hung up and talking “What a rude man!”
Nah demikian lah lelucon bahasa inggris tentang  Mr. Knott and Mr Watt. Bagi kamu yg mengerti artinya tentu lucukan??.

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